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Mud Motor Components

Our in-house machine shop makes us one of the few suppliers of customizable through-tube motors that can meet special component specifications. We design, build, test and even destroy our mud motor parts to make them better, stronger and last longer. Our solutions to drilling problems produce maximum performance over a full range of applications.

  • Mud motor components and spare parts are stocked
  • Our contact bearings put outward pressure on the bearing stack, instead of top or bottom – This unique design reduces pressure and heat for longer life
  • Upper and Lower Radial Bearings
    • 1 11/16” contact  bearings/ Radial bearings
    • 2 1/8”  contact bearings/ Radial bearings
    • 2 3/8”  contact bearings/ Radial bearings
    • 2 7/8”  contact bearings/ Radial bearings
    • 3 1/8”  contact bearings/ Radial bearings
    • 3 ¾”  contact bearings/ Radial bearings
  • Components
    • Bearing Mandrels.
    • Shaft Nuts & Lock nuts.
    • Flow diverters.
    • Bearing housing and End Nuts.
    • Top subs
    • Crossovers

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