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Wellhead integrity ( WIMS ) Safe wells maintenance programs

  • Diagnostics
  • SSSV
  • Actuator hydrolic and pneumatic
  • Annulus Pressure
  • Wellhead seal testing
  • Loose item replacement gauge needle valve bolting flanges test fitting
  • Corrosion Control
  • Seal-tite international (engineered sealing solutions)

Valve Lubrication Products

AsiaServ Indonesia / Lubchem Inc. Valve Lubrication Products is an Economical Alternative to Valve Replacement that can eliminate up to 80% of valve failures Without Costly Shutdowns. If it is a frozen or Leaking Valve we have the Products to handle the situation.

Using Lubchem Inc. Valve Lubricants and Sealants are environmental friendly;   fully documented (MSDS Sheets) we can match any valve problem that you may encounter. 

A Scheduled Maintenance Program Can Prevent Most Valve Problems from ever occuring and help provide you facility with a safe, environment and productive operation that is vital to the oil and gas field.

We look forward to the opportunity to present our services to you and being of service and working with you on your next Valve Maintenance Program.


Lubchem has In-House testing facilities and blending facilities that make Lubchem one, if not the most, responsive specialty lubricant and chemical companies in the industry. Lubchem operates a fully functional Analytical Laboratory, which provides support for the Lubricant and Chemical Blending Operation as well as field support for specialty chemicals.


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Wellhead integrity ( WIMS )
Safe wells maintenance programs

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